Buffet Services

Buffet Services

We can take the orders for your all type of functions. And buffet orders can take only if its minimum 50 plates. Please refer the menu name that we are serving below.

  • South Indian buffet
  • All type of Swiss buffet
  • Srilankan Rotti Kottu/ Ediyappa kottu/ puttu kottu
  • Dosai, sambal,Saambar
  •  Seafood / vegetable fried rice


Transport free within 10 km and we are not providing the plates and spoons with our standard package, obviously clients can order separately from us.

Why do you need to choose us?

Because we have a well professional team who has worked for more than 15 years in the Switzerland restaurant.

We are clean and buy for the good quality products

Our team have been serving for most of the Geminde programs and they set the trademarks

Our price is low compared to our competitors and quality is always beyond the customer expectation

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